Armin, the Tissue Tyrant

27 02 2011

So, I walk out from the bedroom and *somebody* has shredded the tissues…


Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy

27 02 2011

Apple, pear, blueberries and raspberries.
Frozen berries are on my list of favourite things at the moment.


25 02 2011

Don’t know where this is from originally, but my mum knows what makes me lol.

Fun fact – I ❤ birds, especially penguins and swallows. I am terrified of pelicans though.

Fun at the gym

25 02 2011

I’m on the elliptical this morning. As soon as I touch the HR monitors, my HR registers as high 160’s which is usually what I’d aim for after 5 minutes. Then I start getting all these HIGH HEART RATE warnings. Nah, not working any harder than usual. Take my hands off monitor, HR still climbing. Finally peaks at 190. Am I having a secret heart attack? No. The elliptical is busted… Probably lucky I didn’t electrocute myself.

Can electric shocks burn fat?