Protein Icecream

18 08 2012

So, since saying goodbye to carbs over a month ago (and losing over 7kgs in the process) I’ve discovered lots of delicious sweets!
This is Moose & Bella’s Protein Icecream substitute.

250ml Low-fat Cottage Cheese
1 sachet Jelly Lite (for my non-Aussie friends, sugarfree Jello) + water as directed
1 serve vanilla protein powder

Make up the Jelly & let it cool but not set.
Once cool, whizz in the cottage cheese & protein powder until lots of air is incorporated. The fluffier the mix, the lighter the end result.
Freeze the mix, either in a shallow container (lined with cling wrap for ease of removal) or in muffin cases.
This amount should make about 12 snack sized serves.

A very low carb, low cal, protein filled snack! Yum 🙂

My favourite flavours so far have been Vanilla Berry & Cranberry Raspberry.


Thai time

12 08 2012

Delicious Doytao lunch with the Moose.

Here is our Volcanic Chicken after the flames went out



And hear is a ‘health conscious’ deep fried number…


Tee hee

Caturday Cuddles

11 08 2012

This is my view today, as Armin & I watch movies on the couch. He knows I’ll be home all day and we have made this a bit of a ritual.

What are your Caturday rituals?


I think he’s being extra sweet to me today because he knows I’m already missing my dear old friends. Goodbye AllStars, we’ve had some great times together. You have carried me through muddy festivals, bush scrub and trendy cafes and will be greatly missed!!


PS bring on the new Hello Kitty vans! 👟❤

Well that escalated quickly!

10 08 2012


Can’t believe it’s Friday already!! Super quick week
And that means Caturday snuggles are almost here!! Wheeeee!


9 08 2012

Mmm… Cup of tea, vanilla protein shake & banana. What a sweet start to the morning!