Protein Icecream

18 08 2012

So, since saying goodbye to carbs over a month ago (and losing over 7kgs in the process) I’ve discovered lots of delicious sweets!
This is Moose & Bella’s Protein Icecream substitute.

250ml Low-fat Cottage Cheese
1 sachet Jelly Lite (for my non-Aussie friends, sugarfree Jello) + water as directed
1 serve vanilla protein powder

Make up the Jelly & let it cool but not set.
Once cool, whizz in the cottage cheese & protein powder until lots of air is incorporated. The fluffier the mix, the lighter the end result.
Freeze the mix, either in a shallow container (lined with cling wrap for ease of removal) or in muffin cases.
This amount should make about 12 snack sized serves.

A very low carb, low cal, protein filled snack! Yum 🙂

My favourite flavours so far have been Vanilla Berry & Cranberry Raspberry.




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