Crazy town

13 05 2013

It is Friday, I am sitting on my bus on my way to work.
So far I have seen a man carrying a giant Rasta banana, as well as a crazy street preacher wearing a cape.

Sydney. You have some serious weirdos going on today!


Sun showers

8 11 2012

My designer flip flops don’t keep the rain out. #Firstworldproblems

Good morning Sydney

30 10 2012

A woman just touched my foot as a waited at a Wynyard coffee shop. She was getting a 5c piece that must have been under my foot.

Well that was weird

Office girl problems

23 10 2012

Get off the train.
Walk down King Street.
Hope skirt doesn’t blow up.

This is why I hate the bus

5 04 2012

Actual exchange:
Dude: excuse me
Chick: don’t touch me
Dude: I need to get off here
Chick: don’t you touch me

Epic sigh


16 03 2012

Grown men on scooters creep me out.
I’m sure seeing a grown woman on a scooter would be equally creepy, but you never see that

Train conversations #1

1 02 2012

Girl 1: I didn’t have lunch today because I was too tired to chew

Then later…

Girl 1: Her name is Chuckie
Girl 2: What’s her human name?

And even later…

Girl 1: She’s that religion, what’s it called?
Girl 2: I dunno.
Girl 1: Is it a religion, or a race? Um, Lebanese?

My train trip isn’t even 20 minutes.