27 06 2013

I do not wish to participate in today.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be spectating from the warm cocoon of my bed.


Crazy town

13 05 2013

It is Friday, I am sitting on my bus on my way to work.
So far I have seen a man carrying a giant Rasta banana, as well as a crazy street preacher wearing a cape.

Sydney. You have some serious weirdos going on today!

Banana man!

31 01 2013

A guy just walked past me with a banana in his pocket. When he realised I was looking at his pocket banana, he smiled at me… That’s right, that was a banana in his pocket AND he was happy to see me…

Time to dye

21 11 2012

The bloke in the liquor store asked how many colours I had in my hair.

It’s only one. Fml.

Time to dye again. Even though I only did it at the beginning of the month.

Sun showers

8 11 2012

My designer flip flops don’t keep the rain out. #Firstworldproblems

Good morning Sydney

30 10 2012

A woman just touched my foot as a waited at a Wynyard coffee shop. She was getting a 5c piece that must have been under my foot.

Well that was weird


27 10 2012

Me = 28 years old
Calvin Harris = 28 years old

What have *I* done with my life??

Short answer, nothing