Glitter time

1 04 2013

Doing my nails with my favourite base coat (Jordana Diamond Boost), least favourite nail polish (Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure) and $3 glitter from Lincraft! Now that’s thrifty!
Search Instagram for pictures : user missellabella



20 01 2013

Moose and I are having a baby!

Enjoy this pics 🙂




9 03 2011

So, I am a big believer in being SunSmart.
We’ve all seen the ads on tv and heard the statistics, honestly who wants saggy old skin anyway.

Those of you who know me well know that I keep sunscreen in my handbag all the time.
Current addiction: Neutrogena Spray 30+
Pros: lightweight, easy to apply, no sunscreen all over your hands.
Cons: if the lid falls off, an entire canister may go off in your handbag, coating you phone, makeup, gym card and general flotsam in sunscreen and propelant. Also you smell like a derro. Also your handbag will start to seep sunscreen and you will end up liberally coated…


Back to regular lotion tomorrow.

The *Something* Union

8 03 2011

OMFG walked past a sign that I read as ‘Hookers Union’

Turns out it says ‘Workers Union’

Not even nearly as funny!!

Fun at the gym

25 02 2011

I’m on the elliptical this morning. As soon as I touch the HR monitors, my HR registers as high 160’s which is usually what I’d aim for after 5 minutes. Then I start getting all these HIGH HEART RATE warnings. Nah, not working any harder than usual. Take my hands off monitor, HR still climbing. Finally peaks at 190. Am I having a secret heart attack? No. The elliptical is busted… Probably lucky I didn’t electrocute myself.

Can electric shocks burn fat?